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McLean County:
115 E. Washington St.
Bloomington, IL 61701
Financial Information

Private Pay:

Our current rates are per person, as follows:
1. Semi-private Room: $209.00
2. Private Room: $225.00
3. Semi-private Room converted to a private room: $251.45
4. Two Room Conversion: $415.00

Arrangements can be made for temporary or respite care, such as for a week or weekend. Contact the Admissions Coordinator for details. Our facility is VA contracted Nursing Home for Veterans eligible for Nursing Home Care.

The daily rates include room and board, housekeeping, and laundry services.

Additional Information:

Nursing Supplies and Equipment:
Oxygen and oxygen supplies, incontinent products, nursing and personal supplies are billed monthly.

Prescription drugs are billed directly by the supplier.

Other charges:
Barber and Beauty shop are billed as used by the resident.

Physical therapy and/or other therapy ordered by the doctor will be billed monthly.

Other outside medical services such as Podiatrist, Optometrist, Dentist, etc are billed by the provider.

Arrangements for transportation services are handled through Social Services and are either billed by the provider or payment is required up front. Contact Social Services for details.

In order to qualify for Medicare Part A benefits in a nursing home, you must meet criteria for coverage, as specified by Medicare.

1. You must be an in-patient (full admit, not observation) in a hospital for at least (3) midnights, within 30 days of your nursing home admission.

2. Your condition must require the skilled services of a licensed nurse or therapist (physical, speech, occupational) on a daily basis.

If these criteria are met, you will be placed in a Medicare certified room and the facility will bill Medicare Part A for your stay as long as your condition continues to meet the criteria of Medicare's guidelines.

Medicare Payment:
1. The first 20 days, Medicare pays 100% of the charges. If you have used any days in another nursing home or extended care of a hospital, this will go toward your days in our facility.

2. Days 21-100 Medicare pays everything except a co-pay of 20%. If you have a Medicare supplemental insurance, we will submit your claim for reimbursement. If your supplemental insurance declines payment, the resident will be responsible for the co-pays. If you are a Medicaid recipient, there will be no-copay.

The facility will contact the insurance company to verify benefits. The resident or responsible party can also contact the insurance company to confirm coverage.

The Medicare team will review your case weekly. When the resident progresses to their fullest rehabilitation potential or the resident no longer requires skilled nursing service on a daily basis, he/she will no longer qualify for Medicare Coverage.

Medicare Replacement:
If you have a Medicare Replacement policy, the facility will contact them to get an authorization number and to check on benefits. If the insurance does not cover your stay in the nursing home the resident will be responsible for payment.

The resident or responsible party can contact the insurance company to confirm benefits.  

The Illinois Department of Human Services determines the amount that is due to the facility for a resident's room and board. The Social Security Check you receive each month, as well as any other income is due to McLean County Nursing Home by the 10th of each month, minus $30.00 and any supplemental premiums or Medicare D premiums you might have.

Any time there is a change in your income, you will need to notify Medicaid and stop by to inform the bookkeeper at McLean County Nursing Home.

Medicaid will determine the amount the resident will owe the facility. The resident or responsible party will receive a monthly statement (unless the facility is representative payee) of the charges.

Trust Fund
There is a resident trust fund available to all residents. A resident will need to sign an authorization form and deposit money into the account. The resident will be able to use this account for any personal purchases such as beauty shop, any food purchase, etc. The facility will notify you if the resident fund is running low. 

The facility will send out quarterly statements of all the transactions.

If you would like to deposit money into the account, contact the front office. If you would like to take money out of your account, contact Social Services.