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McLean County:
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Bloomington, IL 61701
Juvenile Intake
First-Time Offender Informal Services
The majority of juveniles referred to the Court Services departments do not experience a formal appearance in Juvenile Court. Juvenile intake offers informal services to first-time offenders by conducting preliminary conferences with the juveniles and their parents. In these conferences, the intake officer impresses the seriousness of the offense to the juvenile and completes an assessment with the juvenile and their family to ascertain any problems they may be experiencing.

Voluntary Informal Probation
If at the preliminary conference it is determined the juvenile may need additional supervision, a 90- to 365-day voluntary informal probation period may be offered. During this informal probation period the juvenile is seen weekly and various services are offered (counseling, tutoring, big brother / sister, etc.).

Retail Theft Panels
The Intake Unit conducts a monthly retail theft panel for juvenile offenders who have a police contact for retail theft. This panel consists of a local police officer and representative from a retail establishment who talk to the youth and their parents regarding the cost of retail theft to the community. The juvenile must write, at the minimum, a 250-word essay describing the experience of the panel and what they have learned.

Monthly Morgue Tours
The Intake Unit conducts monthly morgue tours for juveniles who have a police contact for an alcohol or drug related offense. The minor and their parents tour the county morgue and speak to a deputy coroner regarding the alcohol / drug related deaths of young people. The minor must write, at the minimum, a 250-word essay describing their experience and what they have learned.

Court-Ordered Home Confinement
Another component of the Intake Unit is a court-ordered home confinement program. This program is designed and operated under the concept that some juveniles who are in secure custody can receive the increased structure and supervision that they require while in their home. The Intake Unit will ensure that an approved supervisor is with the youth 24 hours a day. Along with the increased supervision, the minor is readily accessible to support services and is accountable for his/her own behavior.

For More Information
If you have any questions, please contact Intake Coordinator Suzanne Montoya or Deputy Director Randy Macak at (309) 888-5370.