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McLean County:
115 E. Washington St.
Bloomington, IL 61701
McLean County GIS

McLean County Highway Road Conditions

Our goal is to educate the public about McLean County's ongoing activities and projects using maps.  Please review our GIS site disclaimer before viewing and/or downloading any maps.

What is GIS?:  GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems.  GIS is defined as using different types of geographical data to analyze, visualize, model, digitize, store, and manage information to create maps and reports that can be viewed on a paper map, digital image map, or online interactive map.  

GIS Site Disclaimer:  The maps and all information on the McLean County GIS webpage are provided "as is".  There is no warranty concerning the accuracy of information contained in the maps and the McLean County GIS webpage.  McLean County is not liable for damages of any kind and takes no legal responsibility for the cartographic design, color, scale, legal boundary, or other element contained in the maps.   

Map Products & Pricing: For map prints, imagery, or GIS dataset requests please email , call 309-434-6566, or visit www.mcgis.org for more information.

Interactive GIS Maps:  The McLean County GIS Consortium provides interactive GIS maps, apps, and data downloads for the general public.  This site allows anyone to view parcel information, aerial photos, and many more GIS datasets.  To view these maps and apps please see McGIS’s website: www.mcgis.org

The County also has it's own collection of Interactive maps and apps. Click this link to view.  County interactive maps and apps. 

Election Maps

The County Clerk's webpage provides Congressional and Legislative District maps and voting precinct maps within McLean County.  The Congressional and Legislative District boundaries were created and provided by the Illinois State Board of Elections.  These maps only display the district boundaries within McLean County, Illinois. 

Each voting precinct map displays an individual precinct boundary within McLean County and includes additional features such as a building name and address of a polling place, location, and local roads. For more information about elections, please see the County Clerk's Elections page:  Elections

District & Precinct Maps

Interactive GIS Map - Find my Polling Place

My Elected Representatives

Highway Maps

These maps represent County Highway road conditions, closures, and construction notices that may currently exist.  Click on the link below for detailed information and maps.  For additional information about County Highway roads, please view the Highway Department's main webpage:  Highway Department

Highway Maps

McLean County Board District Maps

The County Board District boundaries were updated through a process known as Redistricting which used 2010 Census population data and voting precinct boundaries.  According to the 2010 Census, McLean County had a population of 169,572 people.

Find My County Board Members
County Board District Maps

Parks & Recreation Maps

These maps were created for the McLean County Parks & Recreation Department which is located at the beautiful Comlara Park near Evergreen Lake.  The maps provide just a handful of the many outdoor recreational activities which occur at the park.  Click on any of the links below for activity information and a map.  Please see the Parks & Recreation main webpage for any additional information: Parks & Recreation

Biking & Hiking


Deer Hunting

Equestrian Trails


Zoning Maps

The zoning maps were developed for the McLean County Building and Zoning Department.  Each map displays zoning districts, flood zones, and roads throughout the county.  To view the zoning maps webpage, click on the link below.  For information about zoning, please see the Building and Zoning Department's main webpage:  Building & Zoning 

Zoning Maps