Rate Information


Private Pay:

Our current rates are per person, as follows:

  1. Semi-private Room: $229.00
  2. Private Room: $246.00
  3. Semi-private Room converted to a private room: $277.00
  4. Two Room Conversion: $458.00

Arrangements can be made for temporary or respite care, such as for a week or weekend. Contact the Admissions Coordinator for details.

Our facility is VA contracted Nursing Home for Veterans eligible for Nursing Home Care.

The daily rates include room and board, housekeeping, and laundry services.

Additional Information

Nursing Supplies and Equipment:

Oxygen and oxygen supplies, nursing, and personal supplies are billed monthly.


Prescription drugs are billed directly by the supplier.

Other charges:

Beautician services are billed as used by the resident.

Physical therapy and/or other therapy ordered by the doctor will be billed monthly.

Other outside medical services such as Podiatrist, Optometrist, Dentist, etc. are billed by the provider.

Arrangements for transportation services are handled through Social Services and are either billed by the provider or payment is required up front. Contact Social Services for details.


Medicare Part A is a pay source for short-term, skilled care. Medicare does not cover long term placement. Medicare pays for no more than the first 100 days of nursing home care, and it has many other restrictions so that many people entering a home almost never receive full benefits.

While at a skilled-nursing facility under traditional Medicare, the first 20 days are covered 100%. Starting on the 21st day through a possible 100 days, Medicare will pay 80% of the cost of care, and the patient is responsible for 20%.

In order to qualify for Medicare part A coverage the following criteria must be met:

  • Must have been hospitalized (this does not mean "kept in observation") for at least 3 days; and
  • go into a nursing home that is in the Medicare program, no more than 30 days after leaving the hospital; and
  • need what Medicare calls "skilled care."

For more information on Medicare, visit the Medicare website.


The Illinois Department of Human Services determines the amount that is due to the facility for a resident’s room and board. The Social Security Check you receive each month, as well as any other income is due to McLean County Nursing Home by the 10th of each month, minus $30.00 and any supplemental premiums or Medicare D premiums you might have.

It is imperative that the Medicaid application process begin early as it takes 6-9 months for approval. McLean County is unable to accommodate anyone in the "Medicaid Pending" status.