Expungement / Sealing of Records

The Office of the Circuit Court Clerk is unable to provide legal advice.

For questions contact:

Office of the State Appellate Defender, Expungement Unit
Toll-Free: (866) 787-1776
Email the Expungement Office

Forms and Resources

Applicable Procedures in McLean County

In McLean County the following procedures will apply:

  • After the Request and Notice are completed and signed, the originals and four copies of each are to be sent to the McLean County Circuit Clerk’s office accompanied by a payment of $136 for each Request filed. One Order with the arrest information completed must also be provided at the time the Request and Notice are filed.
  • The $136 includes a $60 filing fee, a $60 state police fee, and a $16 fee for four certified copies of the court Order, which would be sent to the agencies upon completion of the process. If more than four certified copies are necessary, the cost is $4 per set.
  • Make your check or money order payable to McLean County Circuit Clerk. You may pay in cash or by credit card if present in person. Do not send cash through the mail.
  • If you cannot afford the Circuit Clerk Filing Fee or the Illinois State Police Processing Fee, you can ask the court to waive them. View the civil fee waiver form, which can be used to waive fees in expungement and sealing cases

Petitioning Required Agencies

The Circuit Clerk will send out the Request to the agencies. Agencies have 60 days to file any objection. If no objection is filed, the court will review the Request. The defendant or attorney’s presence is not required. If the court allows the Request, a certified copy will be sent to the defendant or attorney filing the Request.

Objection Filed by Agency

If an objection is filed within the 60 days, a hearing date will be set at least 30 days after the objection is filed. This hearing will require the presence of the defendant or attorney. Notice of that court date will be sent by the Circuit Clerk to the defendant or attorney that filed the Request.

Petition Not Granted by the Court

If the court decides not to grant your Request, the Circuit Clerk will issue a refund of the state police fee and the fee for the certified copies of the court order. The filing fee is not refundable. Refund checks take 24 hours to process and can be mailed. If a refund is due, please make sure the Circuit Clerk has your current address.