Mental Health Action Plan

In February of 2014, the McLean County Board Executive Committee convened two interagency, public private workgroups, one to identify community mental health needs and one to identify best practices. These workgroups were challenged to plan, create, and begin coordinating and evaluating mental health services within the Community. The goals of these work groups included, 1) Improve the general understanding of mental illnesses and emotional disturbances; 2) assess the state of the mental health care system in McLean County, focusing on identifying the gaps between services provided and community needs in both urban and rural areas; 3) Identify and review best practices and determine the feasibility of implementation in McLean County; and 4) develop strategies to maintain dialogue among community leaders regarding mental health. 

In March of 2014, the Bloomington-Normal/McLean County Economic Development Council brought Community leaders together, traveling to Washington, DC to meet with legislators and staff members from the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services and the Department of Justice to discuss the community’s challenges with mental health both inside and outside the criminal justice system. 

In June 2014, the two community mental health advisory groups provided their reports to the County Board. These reports identified both mental health needs within the community, as well as best practices. Based upon the reports of the initial two(2) advisory groups on Community Mental Health, then-County Board Chairman Matt Sorensen subsequently appointed an Advisory Group to review the reports received by the first two advisory groups and report back to the Executive Committee and County Board recommended action items which would be consistent within the framework of the initial reports. This Action Plan would include immediate and long term steps for the community and the County Board to consider and act upon.

The Mental Health Action Plan is the driving force behind McLean County's efforts to address gaps in existing community services and was the basis for planning and implementation of:

  • The McLean County Triage Center
  • The McLean County FUSE (Frequent User Systems Engagement) Program
  • The Annual McLean County Behavioral Health Forum

The programs and event listed above are carried out through the Behavioral Health Coordinating Council (BHCC), under the direction of the McLean County board and BHCC Supervisor. 

Mental Health Action Plan 2022 Update (PDF)

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