The McLean County Triage Center is open and available to anyone over the age of 18 experiencing a mental health crisis.  The McLean County government seeks to address gaps in care identified under the Mental Health Action Plan and as such, the County firmly believes that everyone should have access to necessary and urgently needed mental health services, in the moment they need it. Individuals will not be turned away at the Triage Center due to a lack of insurance or inability to pay. 

Individuals may come to the Triage Center by walking in or being brought by a friend or family member.  No appointment is necessary and no public phone number is available for the Triage Center, to avoid duplication of other vital crisis services already available within our community.  

Individuals may also arrive at the Triage Center when brought by law enforcement as a diversion to the justice system.  We know that law enforcement often interacts with individuals in need of assistance or treatment, rather than cycling through the justice system.  

There is no wrong door to seeking help in a difficult moment.  If the Triage Center is not the most appropriate location for individuals in that moment, staff will work to link the individual to the care they need.