Change of Address - Family

Written notice of address changes and name changes must be provided to the Circuit Clerk whenever there is a change for either the payor or the recipient. A change of address through the Post Office does not change the address on file with the Circuit Clerk and will only reroute the check temporarily. Please be sure to include your date of birth if you are making the change by mail. A Name/Address change form is available in the Circuit Clerk's office or online at the link at the bottom of this page.

It is CRITICAL that address changes be promptly reported if payments are issued from the State Disbursement Unit (SDU). Only the Circuit Clerk's office can report this change electronically to the SDU.

If you are concerned about a late payment and your payment comes from the SDU, you may contact them at 1-877-225-7077. We suggest you contact our office BEFORE contacting the SDU. We can frequently assist you in a more efficient manner and are certainly willing to help you solve any problems you might be experiencing. Please understand that we do not play a managing role in the operation of the SDU. A written affidavit is required by the SDU to stop payment on SDU checks.

If you have any questions regarding payment procedures, please contact our office. Questions of a legal nature relating to nonpayment, etc. should be directed to your attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney and need legal assistance enforcing a child support order, you might qualify for assistance under the Title IV-D provisions. The McLean County Child Support Enforcement Unit is located on the 4th floor at 200 West Front Street (next door to the Law & Justice Center). Their phone number is (309) 888-5959.