FUSE Program

The McLean County’s Frequent User System Engagement (FUSE) program is designed to help the community break the cycle of homelessness and crisis among individuals with complex medical and/or behavioral health needs.  These individuals are the highest users of emergency rooms, jails, shelters, and other crisis services and systems of care.  

McLean County partnered with the Corporation of Supportive Housing (CSH) and the University of Chicago, through funding from Arnold Ventures, to create a tool designed to match individuals with interactions with the justice system and the homeless system, within the County.   McLean County understands that many of these individuals likely have multiple interactions with emergency departments or inpatient behavioral health units; or individuals with the highest utilization of emergency departments may not interact with the justice or homeless systems but still require increased care.  It is the intent of the McLean County FUSE Program to identify the individuals in our community with the most frequent contact with multiple systems of care.

The FUSE Program will begin with outreach to the identified individuals and work to build trust and rapport to engage in services.   The FUSE Program will link individuals to housing when it’s needed and engage participants in an intensive case management/supportive services program.  This case management program will consist of a team of providers including a nurse, a psychiatric prescriber, master’s level clinician(s), a recovery support specialist, a supported employment specialist, and a case manager trained in substance use, all to provide wraparound support services to help individuals stabilize, improve their lives and reduce their use of the justice system, shelters, and emergency departments.  The FUSE team will be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will follow many of the tenets of an Assertive Community Treatment model of care.

Following enrollment in the FUSE program, the individuals will be asked to sign a release/exchange of information with various healthcare providers that they have had (or will have) care with to enhance collaboration and continuity of care.