Eligible FUSE participants are those who have had multiple contacts with the McLean County homeless shelters, jail system, and/or emergency departments. 

The McLean County FUSE Program connects with potential clients in a variety of ways. McLean County partnered with the Corporation of Supportive Housing (CSH) and the University of Chicago, through funding from Arnold Ventures, to create a tool designed to match individuals with interactions within the justice system and the homeless system, within the County. FUSE staff utilize this tool to reach out to those in the community idenfitied that might be interested in utilizing FUSE services. If you are wanting to know more about what the FUSE program has to offer, please contact FUSE to discuss your interest or to schedule an appointment with a staff member.  

The program also welcomes questions and calls from community members or organizations who believes an individual may be appropriate for the FUSE Program. All referrals are considered based both the eligibility requirements and in conjunction with the previously mentioned matching tool. For next steps of the referral process, please follow the appropriate below guidelines:

If you are a professional wanting to make a direct referral to FUSE, please fill out the FUSE Eligibility Screening Form and email it to or fax it to 309-862-8202. FUSE staff will follow-up with both the professional making the referral, as well as the individual being referred. 

If you are an individual seeking FUSE services for yourself or loved one, please contact FUSE staff directly at 309-888-5700 to speak with a FUSE staff member. A screening can be done in-person or over the phone during business hours with any staff. An appointment might need to be scheduled with staff to review services with you in more detail to determine if FUSE is the right program for you and your needs. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out at 309-888-5700.