Behavioral Health Forum

2021 Virtual McLean County Community Behavioral Health Forum 

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Healthy Mental Health in a World of Uncertainty

Date: Tuesday, October 5th Time: 10:00 AM – 11:15 PM

Presenter(s): Sarah Stalter – McLean County FUSE Program

Attendees will be able to: 

  • Define mental health and understand what “healthy” mental health looks like       
  • Understand common stressors and sources of uncertainty and anxiety
  • Understand how stress and anxiety impacts the body
  • Understand how to prepare for uncertainty and adjust to change
  • Define Resiliency and understand factors that contribute to resiliency 
  • Describe tangible coping strategies and how to monitor healthy behaviors

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Presentation PDF: Healthy Mental Health In A World of Uncertainty

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Caring for Each Other: McLean County Initiatives That are Making a Difference

Date: Tuesday, October 5th Time: 12:00 Noon  - 1:30 PM

Presenter(s): Susan Schafer  - McLean County Board, Angi Chasensky  - ROSC, Nona Waller  - CHS, Trisha Malott  - BHCC, Sally Gambacorta - Carle Bromenn, Colleen O’Connor  - NAMI, Michelle Lamboley  - Unit 5 School District

Attendees will: Hear from leaders of local initiatives within McLean County that are striving to make a difference for community residents.  Learn more about the update to the Mental Health Action Plan, ROSC, CHIP/CHNA, the county-wide Trauma Informed & Resilience Oriented Initiative, Ending the Silence, Embedded Schools, and Mental Health First Aid.

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McLean County Crisis Panel

Date: Thursday, October 7th Time: 12:00PM – 1:30 PM

Presenter(s): Lucas Sawisch- CYFS, Megan Moser - CHS, Susan Schafer - McLean County Board, Kevin Richardson - PATH, Kevin McCall – McLean County Triage, Dietra Kulicke - Chestnut

Attendees will: Understand the crisis services within McLean County, how there is "no wrong door" to seeking help, and better understand what to do in certain situations.

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Mental Health in Marginalized Communities

Date: Tuesday, October 12th Time: 12:00PM – 1:30 PM

Presenter(s): Linda Foster – NAACP, Michelle Cook – Joy Care Center, Dave Bentlin – ISU, Angi Chasensky – ROSC, Gaynett Hoskins - Children’s Home & Aid, Susan O’Neal – Prairie State Legal Services

Attendees will: Be able to better understand the impact on mental health in various marginalized communities, as well as hear from respected voices in those communities about available resources and efforts to help individuals.

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Behavioral Health Through the Lens of People with Lived Experience, A Panel Discussion

Date: Tuesday, November 2nd Time: 12:00 PM – 1:20 PM

Presenter(s): Sarah Stalter – McLean County FUSE, Colleen O’Connor – NAMI, Devin Fields – McLean County Triage, Dan Sokulski - Chestnut, Cathleen M. Hayes - Chestnut, Amanda Ginther - NAMI

Attendees will hear from individuals with lived experience with behavioral health to: 

  • Reduce stigma and normalize behavioral health challenges by sharing personal lived experiences 
  • Gain understanding of how behavioral health challenges can impact someone’s life
  • Explore the impact of COVID on people who live with behavioral health conditions (who either already lived with behavioral health conditions at the start of the pandemic or who began struggling during the pandemic) 
  • Build a sense of connection and empathy
  • Discuss how people cope with behavioral health challenges (in general, and also how they have coped during COVID)

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The Overlapping Impact of Mental Health in Those Experiencing Homelessness

Date: Tuesday, November 9th Time: 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

Presenter(s): Deborah Reese – Home Sweet Home Ministries, Joanna Callahan – Safe Harbor, Joanne Glancy – Project Oz, Neal Iden – Project Oz Fold

Objectives for this panel are to increase attendees.

  • Awareness of mental health challenges commonly facing those with both a lack of housing and mental health conditions
  • Knowledge of special challenges created by homeless individuals because of their mental health challenges
  • Understanding of how our community currently responds to these situations
  • Knowledge of current resources and thoughts for positive change for the future

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Self-Care: Improving Mental health by Setting Boundaries and Intentionally Living Well

Date: Tuesday, October 18th Time: 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM

Presenter(s): Abby Lyons 

Attendees will be able to: 

  • Better understand the role of self-care and well-being; and have a conceptual framework for each.
  • Assess their own self well-being
  • Understand components, mindsets and activities to help develop an effective self-care/well-being plan
  • How to get started and/or support others

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