Employees of McLean County

2024 Open Enrollment 

County Employee FMLA Information

Link to PDF of these steps and further information related to FMLA:  McLean County FMLA

FFCRA Forms - For Leave related to COVID-19:

  • FFCRA has not been extended past 12/31/2020.  Employees must use their accrued benefit time for absences related to COVID-19.

FMLA Contact Information:

FMLA Request Form:

STEP 1:  Complete the FMLA Request and Receive Eligibility Determination

  • The employee should submit the electronic McLean County FMLA Request Form (seamless docs).
  • County Admin/HR determines eligibility, based on 1,250 hours of service and 1 year of service.
  • County Admin/HR determines the amount of time the employee has available under FMLA based on any previous FMLA used within the past 12 months (this includes EFMLA used during 2020).  
  • If eligible, County Admin/HR will send an eligibility notice and medical certification form to the employee to complete Step 2 of the application process.  

STEP 2:  Complete Medical Certification Form

  • The employee gives the medical certification to their healthcare provider to complete and authorize.
  • The healthcare provider submits the medical certification to County Admin/HR (fax:  309-888-5111)
  • County Admin/HR will review the medical certification to make a medical leave determination.

STEP 3:  FMLA Approval or Denial

  • If the employee is eligible (see STEP 1) and has an approved medical leave determination (STEP 2), the employee and supervisor will receive an email and approval letter from County Admin/HR.
  • If the FMLA request is denied, the employee and manager will be notified by County Admin/HR and informed of any other options that may be available.

STEP 4:  FMLA Leave

  • While on leave, the employee must contact their supervisor or County Admin/HR immediately upon any indication that leave will be extended past the originally approved end date. 

STEP 5:  Returning from FMLA

  • While on leave, the employee should contact their supervisor at least one week prior to returning to the office to confirm the return to work date and provide any medical release required to return to work. 
  • If an employee needs additional leave time and has FMLA time available, they should contact their health care provider to request an extension of the leave.  If the employee has exhausted their FMLA leave, they employee may be eligible for non-FMLA, unpaid leave.

The employee must request leave without pay from the department head in writing for leave in excess of available or accumulated paid time off before said leave is taken.  See Extended Leaves of Absence section from County Code § 108-39.

Find information about the Family Medical Leave Act at the Department of Labor website:  https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/fmla