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McLean County Board Resolution 

Supporting October 2021 as  Cybersecurity Awareness Month


Read the proclamation here

How Does McLean County Government Work to Keep Your Information Safe?

We protect all of our endpoints with Anti-virus.

Background checks are used when filling sensitive positions.

We employ Mutti Factor Authentication for network access. 

We work with local, State and Federal authorities in information sharing (MS/ISAC, EI/ISAC), attending monthly briefings. 

We develop and implement policies along best practices, including encryption, strong passwords and least privileged access. 

We conduct tabletop exercises as a group. 

We conduct annual cyber security awareness training for all employees, and remedial training where needed.

We participate in the annual StopThinkConnect campaign 

What Can You Do to Keep Your Information Safe? 

Protect all of your home endpoints with Anti-virus  (Norton, Microsoft Defender, Bitdefender, McAfee, etc.)

Learn how to secure your home network, key accounts and devices.   This is an excellent resource.

 Review the resources of to find ways to keep yourself cyber safe