Candidate Filing Report

Filing for the 2023 Consolidated Elections open on Monday, December 12. The deadline for school board candidates to file was Monday, December 19. The deadline for all other candidates (ex. Library Board, Park Districts, Town/City Municipalities, etc.) is January 28. As candidates file for office, they will be listed in the View All Candidates for All Races table below.

School Board Candidates

In districts where a township/range is not indicated, candidates run at-large. 

The Illinois School Code requires certain Community Unit School Districts (CUSD) to restrict Board Members by area of residence within the district rather than at large. These CUSD’s in our area are CUSD #2 LeRoy, CUSD #3 Tri-Valley, CUSD #4 Heyworth, McLean County CUSD #5 and Olympia CUSD #16.

Information is grouped by office, sorted by term length and the candidates names are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot. Scroll right on the table below to view details including the number of candidates to vote for and office openings.