Sample Ballots

The next election in McLean County is the Primary Election on June 28, 2022.

Sample ballots for the June 28 Primary Election are listed below by precinct. Each precinct has Democratic, Libertarian, and Republican ballots. A few precincts also have Non-partisan ballots. If your precinct does not have a Non-Partisan ballot listed, there is not a Non-Partisan ballot.

Your precinct number and polling place location are provided on your Voter ID card. Many precincts have multiple ballot styles per party due to the new redistricting that was recently completed. If you cannot find your Voter ID card and do not know what precinct you live in, you can contact the Elections Team using the Contact Us button above or by calling 309-888-4035.


June 28, 2022 Primary Election

The following proposition will be submitted to the voters of the Randolph Township Fire Protection District, McLean County, Illinois:

"Shall the Randolph Township Fire Protection District levy a special tax at a rate not to  exceed .10% of the value of all taxable property within the district as equalized or  assessed by the Department of Revenue for the purpose of providing funds to pay for  the costs of emergency and rescue crews and equipment?"