About McLean County Health Department

About Us

Since 1946, the McLean County Health Department has worked to protect the health and wellness of McLean County residents. The department serves the largest geographic county in Illinois, with more than 165,000 residents. Many residents may never walk through the doors of the health department, but they will benefit in some way from the various programs and services we offer. Our goal of protecting the health of the community leads us to adapt to the ever-changing needs of a diverse and growing population.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the McLean County Health Department is to fulfill the public interest in assuring conditions conducive to good health and providing leadership in promoting and protecting the health of county residents. In pursuit of our mission, we:

  • Assess and analyze health conditions
  • Assure access to personal health care services
  • Conduct programs in accordance with Illinois Department of Public Health certification standards for local health departments
  • Coordinate and plan with other entities for a comprehensive community health system
  • Develop local health policies
  • Enforce state laws and local ordinances pertaining to health where applicable
  • Minimize the adverse impact of diseases and disabilities
  • Prevent and control disease through health promotion, early intervention, and health protection