Environmental Health

What We Do & Why It's Important

The McLean County Health Department's Environmental Health Division works to ensure safe food, water, waste disposal, and vector borne disease reduction controls for the residents of McLean County so that they may enjoy living in a healthy and safe community. The food you eat should be fresh, healthy, and safe. Your well water needs to be clean and pure. And your septic and geothermal systems should be secure and protected.

Education. Guidance. Inspections. Surveillance.

Environmental health sanitarians provide guidance and inspections in the areas of food, sewage, and water safety to prevent disease and protect the community.

With resources from the Illinois Department of Public Health, the department also provides surveillance, complaint investigation, and testing for West Nile virus and identification of vectors such as ticks, fleas, and rodents. Through proper identification, the department educates the public about safe methods of prevention, control, and elimination of the vector to reduce the risks of vector borne illnesses.

Environmental Health Programs and Services Are Divided Into the Following Categories