Forms and Resources

The McLean County Circuit Court provides Illinois Supreme Court approved forms for use. You may find further assistance in the Legal Self-Help Center in the McLean County Law Library (RM 665 of the Law & Justice Center).

Contact Information

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Guidelines For Virtual Courtroom Proceedings of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit (May 2020)

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Remote Hearings

Resources for Self-Represented Litigants (those without an attorney)

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Fee Waiver for Civil Cases

Fee Waiver Form and Instructions (Civil Cases)

Fee/Assessments Waiver for Criminal Cases

Fee Waiver Form and Instructions (Criminal Cases)

Orders of Protection

Firearms Restraining Order
Order of Protection Forms

Statewide Approved Court Forms

Illinois Supreme Court Statewide Approved Forms - Circuit Court (forms noted below are available via this link)

Certificate of Good Conduct
Divorce, Child Support, and Maintenance
Exemption from E-Filing for Good Cause
Expungement and Sealing
Fee Waiver for Civil Cases
Fee/Assessments Waiver for Criminal Cases
Financial Affidavit
Identity Theft
Interpreter Request
Limited Scope
Mortgage Foreclosure
Motion to Appoint Special Process Server
Name Change
Order of Protection
Proof of Delivery
Post Judgment Collection
Small Claims

Arbitration - Mediation Forms

See Arbitration Page
Arbitrator’s Guide (PDF)
Question & Answer Book (PDF)
Arbitration Summons (PDF)
Supreme Court Rule 222 Disclosure Statement with Notice of Disclosure (PDF)

Dissolution - Family - Adoption

Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage, Civil Union, Invalidity or Legal Separation (PDF)
Approved Statewide Forms - Divorce, Child Support, and Maintenance Forms


Accounting - Disabled Adults and Minors (PDF)
Annual Report on Ward - Disabled Adults (PDF)
Annual Report on Ward - Minors (PDF)
Guardian Manual (PDF)
Notice to Guardian of Disabled Adults (PDF)
Notice to Guardian of Minors (PDF)
Oath of Office (PDF)
Petition for Appointment of Guardian of Disabled Adult (PDF)
Petition to Terminate Adult Guardianship (PDF)
Physician’s Report (PDF)
Summons - Disabled Adult (PDF)

Name Change (Adult / Minor)

Approved Statewide Forms - Name Change Forms

Small Claims - Eviction

Affidavit — Supporting Documents Not Attached to Eviction Complaint
Affidavit for Wage Deduction Order (PDF)
Certificate in Support of Motion for Default (PDF)
Citation to Discover Assets with Citation Notice and Income and Asset Form (PDF)
Civil Order for Dismissal (PDF)
Civil Motion for Dismissal (PDF)
Date Certain Summons (PDF)
Eviction Forms
Notice of Confidential Information Within Filing (PDF)
Notice of Hearing for Civil Cases (PDF)
Petition for Rule to Show Cause with Rule--Citation to Discover Assets (PDF)
Petition for Rule to Show Cause with Rule--Payment Order (PDF)
Plaintiff’s Cares Act Eviction Certification (PDF)
Satisfaction of Judgment (PDF)
Small Claims Complaint (PDF)
Small Claims Manual (PDF)
Small Claims Summons (PDF)
Wage Deduction Notice (PDF)
Wage Deduction Order (PDF)
Wage Deduction Summons (PDF)
Warrant Identification Sheet (PDF)

Other Links

Circuit Clerk Filing Fee Schedule (PDF)
Petition for Waiver of One-Day Waiting Period for Marriage License (PDF)