Breakout Session 2

Choose one session from the following list to attend during Breakout Session #2, from 11:15 AM - 12:30 PM

Room Track - Let’s Talk About Mental Health:

There is Power in a Story
Joan Hartman (Moderator) - Center for Human Services
Morgan Hartrich
Timothy Mollet
Melissa Maxwell
The impact of your story in your recovery, why having a narrative is important for healing, how to tell your story w/o secondary/retraumatizing, supporting someone opening up about their story

Room Track - Diverse Community Perspectives:

Speaking with Pride: Exploring the Experiences of the LGBTQIA+ Community Navigating Mental Healthcare
Hannah Mesouani – YWCA (Moderator)
Platform for panelists to share their personal stories, the mental health challenges and needs of those in the LGBTQIA+ community, barriers and considerations in the mental health system to supporting someone in the LGBTQIA+ community, and a conversation on supporting someone (do’s and don’ts) as either a professional and/or natural support

Room Track - Breaking the Stigma:

Healing the Narrative on Non-Suicidal Self-Injury
Cathleen Hayes, CRSS - Chestnut/ROSC
What is self-harm and non-suicidal self-injury, responding when learning that someone is struggling with self-harm, reframing how we view self-harm, and the impact of secrecy

Room Track - What's Up, McLean County?:

Navigating the Options of Behavioral Health Services and How to Seek Help
Trisha Malott, LCSW - Bridge Academy
What are the different types of behavioral health services, the differences between them, how to start that process, what to expect with accessing services, how this can be different based on age, and addressing some of the stigmas and misconceptions about behavioral health care

Room Track - Emerging Topics in Behavioral Health, A:

Trauma & Your Body
Tonya Bassett – Breathe Counseling
An introduction to trauma, the impact of trauma on the survivor and supporters of a traumatic event, single event versus chronic trauma, resiliency and coping after traumatic events, and supporting someone who has experienced trauma

Room Track - Emerging Topics in Behavioral Health, B:

Recovery for Older Adults
An overview of the unique challenges that older adults deal with that impact their mental health, the connection between physical and mental health, an exploration of the loss of independence on mental health, stigma that this population faces regarding mental health, and actionable ways to support older adults, as well as for caregivers and loved ones

Room Track - Law and Justice:

Current Efforts in McLean County
Susan Schafer (Moderator) – McLean County Board
Gabriela Vo – PATH Crisis
Sally Gambacorta – Carle Health
Meghan Moser – Center for Human Services
An overview of the current efforts in McLean County regarding behavioral health, how issues are being assessed, and ways that community stakeholders are addressing these changes

Room Track - Family Matters:

The What’s What with Teen Vaping?
Gordon Bender - Project Oz
What is vaping, the different substances associated with vaping, the impact of vaping on mental health, and current trends