The 2011-2021 maps should be referenced for finding current district information.

Every ten years the Illinois state legislature redraws state and local districts lines to break the state into districts based on data provided by the US Census Bureau. This process is called redistricting. Local population changes may impact the redistricting and can create new boundaries for County Board Districts and precincts. Learn more about the redistricting process.

The maps provided at the bottom of this page from 2022-2032 will take effect following the November 8, 2022 General Election.

2012-2021 Maps

These maps should be referenced for 2022 Primary and General Election purposes.

Congressional Districts

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Legislative Districts

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County Township

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County Board Districts
(Interactive Map)

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County Board Districts (B-N Area)

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County Board Districts (County-Wide)

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McLean County Precincts by County Board District

Based on 2012-2021 maps. Click a Count Board District to reveal the precincts that fall within that district.

  1. County Board District 1

The precincts in County Board District 1 include:

  • Anchor
  • Blue Mound
  • Chenoa 1
  • Chenoa 2
  • Cropsey
  • Gridley 1
  • Gridley 2
  • Hudson 1
  • Hudson 2
  • Lawndale
  • Lexington 1
  • Lexington 2
  • Martin
  • Money Creek
  • White Oak
  • Yates
  • Normal 24
  • Normal 27
  1. County Board District 2
  1. County Board District 3
  1. County Board District 4
  1. County Board District 5
  1. County Board District 6
  1. County Board District 7
  1. County Board District 8
  1. County Board District 9
  1. County Board District 10