Juvenile Intake

Juvenile Screening and Records

All juvenile police reports concerning minors are sent to the Intake Department for processing. Juvenile Intake reviews the reports and determines whether diversionary services are possible or if a referral for formal juvenile justice proceedings is in the best interest of the minor and the public.

Preliminary Conference

The majority of minor offenders do not experience formal juvenile justice proceedings. Juvenile Intake may offer the juvenile a preliminary conference in lieu of formal proceedings. At the conference, the intake officer meets with the minor and parents/guardians and explains the juvenile court process and the possible consequences and completes a risk assessment of the minor to ascertain what services may benefit the minor and family.

Informal Probation

If at the preliminary conference it is determined that the minor needs additional supervision, a 90 - 365 day period of Informal Supervision may be offered in lieu of formal court processing. During this Informal Probation period, Juvenile Intake provides supervision of the minor and makes referrals for ancillary services (e.g. counseling, tutoring, mentoring).

Morgue Tours

The intake unit conducts Morgue Tours for minors not referred for formal court processing who have a police contact for an alcohol or drug related offense. The minor and parents/guardians tour the county morgue and speak with a deputy coroner regarding alcohol/drug related deaths of young people. The minor is required to write a 250 word (minimum) essay regarding the experience and what he/she learned.

Home Confinement/Electronic Monitoring

This program is operated under the premise that minors who are in secure detention can receive the increased supervision that they require in their home. Juvenile Intake assists in ensuring the minor and parents/guardians are aware of the conditions and restrictions of Home Confinement/Electronic Monitoring and report lack of compliance to the Court.

For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact Director Suzanne Montoya at suzanne.montoya@mcleancountyil.gov.