Over Weight / Over Dimension Permits

Road Restrictions

All roads in McLean County, whether it is a County Highway (CH) or a Township Road, are posted year round.

03/20/2018 - McLean County has lifted the Spring Postings from the County Highways and returned to the Summer Weight Restrictions. Please remember to check with all Township Road Commissioner's if you plan to haul on any of their roads as not all Township Road Districts are lifting their Spring Postings at this time. Please check "Permitting Status" for the latest regarding permit requests.

**Please be sure to check with all Township Highway Road Commissioners before traveling on any of their roads.**

  • Any vehicle that is one or more of the following needs to have a permit in the vehicle allowing the move.
    • Over the Posted Weight Limit
    • Over 8'6" in Width
    • Over 65' in Length
    • Over 13'6" in Height

There are two (2) posting periods.

  • The Summer Weight Restriction period runs from April 15th of the current year through January 15th of the following year.
  • The Spring Posting period runs from January 15th through April 15th of the current year.
    • We may issue a permit to run the roads during this period depending on the weather at the time of a request. There is generally a fee for this permit. Please see Permitting Status for the latest updates during this period.

Click here to view: Road and Bridge Weight Limits Map (PDF)

Request a Permit

To request a permit to run on County Highways, please contact Rhonda Donovan at (309) 663-9445. If she is not available, Maurie Saldeen should be able to help. Over Weight / Over Dimension Permits (PDF) are also available. Please send completed Permit Applications to Rhonda Donovan by email to finish processing your request.

Please note: No permits will be granted on any road for a load that is a divisible load (i.e. gravel, cement, seed, etc) higher than the normal summer weight limit.

Additional Township Road Permits

If you need a permit to run on a Township Road, you will need to contact the Road Commissioner of that Township.