Child Support Division

A Joint Venture

The McLean County Child Support Program is a joint venture between the McLean County State's Attorney's Office and the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services. The venture is contractual and controlled by Title IV-D of the Federal Social Security Act. Located in Bloomington, the program offers convenient access to the Law and Justice Center.

Participating & Receiving Services

Services are available to any individual who has a minor child in his or her care and who has applied for Title IV-D child support services through the Department of Healthcare and Family Services.

Participation in the program is not contingent upon the custodian receiving any benefits from the State of Illinois Department of Human Services. The services of the program are also available if the parent owing the duty of support resides in another state.

Applying for Services

Applications for services may be obtained at the address listed to the right, at any local department of healthcare and family services office, or online at Illinois Child Support Enforcement.