Felony Division


The felony division is responsible for prosecuting felony offenses committed by adults (17 years and older) in McLean County. A felony offense is a crime for which a defendant may be sentenced to a term of incarceration of longer than one year. Examples of Felony Crimes of Violence are: first degree murder, criminal sexual assault, Aggravated criminal sexual abuse (of a child), aggravated battery, and armed robbery. Retail theft over $150 and criminal damage to property over $300 are examples of felony crimes against property.

Our Office Goals

Experienced attorneys in the office handle the most serious cases, from charging to trial practice and appeals. The more reasoned screening and uniform charging practices now in place allow prosecutors to focus on the most serious and strongest cases which will lead to higher conviction rates and fewer dismissals at trial. With the increase in violent crimes, gang crimes and murder cases experienced in McLean County over the last year, the focus of the office is to allocate resources allowing us to vigorously prosecute violent offenders

Drug Prosecutions and Forfeitures

Felony drug prosecutions are a specialized assignment in the State's Attorney's Office. These prosecutions usually involve dealers and users of illegal drugs. The drug prosecutors also conduct forfeiture hearings in which the state seizes money and property gained by and used in the furtherance of drug offenses.

Child Advocacy

One of the goals of the felony division is to focus on cases with child victims. A full-time prosecutor is assigned to handle child victim cases from investigation through conviction and sentencing, thus allowing child victims and their families to feel more comfortable with the prosecutor assigned to their case. The felony division now works closely with the Children's Advocacy Center, and one prosecutor observes all child interviews. Child victims and serious victims of sexual crimes offenses are better served by having a full-time experienced prosecutor who is trained to serve the needs of child victims in our community.