Temporary Financial Aid

Limited Financial Support to Veterans / Families of Military Veterans

Support is limited to rent or mortgage payments, utility payments, and transportation to VA medical centers.

Please note: Our program is one of emergency assistance and is not designed to be an ongoing means of support.


Qualifying individuals are veterans of active duty service who were honorably discharged and whose income level is below the public aid guidelines.


To apply for the programs, please contact us at (309) 888-5140 to make an appointment.

Required Supporting Documents

  • Certificate of Discharge (DD 214)
  • Pay stubs for previous six weeks
  • Lease agreement or house payment book
  • Original electric, heating, or water bill
  • Document providing proof of any unexpected expense or bill that caused a financial hardship
  • If disabled, or claiming disability, please bring in doctors or hospital papers and copies of applications for Social Security (SSI / SSD) or applications for Veterans Administration disability compensation / pension claims