Safety When Preparing to Leave

Tips to Do Before Leaving

Open a savings account and/or credit card in your own name to establish or increase your independence. Think of other ways in which you can increase your independence.

  • Get your own post office box. You can privately receive checks and letters to begin your independence.
  • Leave money, an extra copy of keys, copies of important documents, extra medicines, and clothes with someone you trust so you can leave quickly.
  • Determine who would be able to let you stay with them or lend you some money.
  • Keep the area shelter or hotline phone number close at hand and keep some change or a calling card on you at all times for emergency phone calls.
  • Remember - leaving your batterer is the most dangerous time. Review your safety plan as often as possible in order to plan the safest way to leave your batterer.
  • When returning home, inspect the exterior of your house or apartment. Check your windows and doors. Check for any signs of forced entry. If you think someone has broken into your home, drive or walk to a neighbor's and call the police.

Other Important Tips

Consider buying pepper gas - Purchase the kind that is a 10% pepper gas laced with mace. While the pepper gas will disable someone, the spray laced with mace will give you added time to run away or call police. A medium size can is best. Also, try to stay away from ones that come inside a leather case. This way you won't have to worry about getting the snap undone. Last, but not least, buy one that has a stream, not a mist. With a mist, you run the chance of it coming back into your face. Check you spray periodically.

Consider purchasing a cellular phone - Keep the battery charged and carry it with you at all times. If you feel uneasy, you may punch in the numbers 9-1-1. Most cellular phones will keep that information stored. All you have to do next is hit the send button.

Contact Us

If you feel you may be at risk, call our 24-hour crisis line now at (309) 827-7070.