Statement of Economic Interests

According to Illinois Statute 5 ILCS 420/4, certain individuals are required to file a Statement of Economic Interests (SEI) with the Office of the County Clerk by May 1st of each year. For more information, choose from the links below.

If you are a filer, click on "Online Filing for Individuals" (available March-May 1). Candidates for office are required to file paper forms. Once elected or appointed, you will need to file an annual statement for that year* and will need to file annually thereafter, for as long as you remain in the position.

Who Must File (PDF)

Available beginning January 1-February 1 - Contacts for the units of local government (UOG’s) certify their list of filers to the County Clerk online.  UOG’s, please contact our office if you have changes to your list after February 1.

Online Filing for Individuals (website) - Click here for Filer instructions Filing for individuals begins in March (check for an e-mail from us). You need your Filer ID and New Users also need a Registration Key as they appear on the e-mail we send you. If you filed last year, you are a Returning User.  Enter your Filer ID and password under "Returning User."  New Users, after you register and create a password, you'll also be a Returning User the next time you access the system.  The filing deadline is May 1.  If you have questions about filing online, contact Jeannette Mead at (309) 888-4098 or call our general number of (309) 888-5190.  

Statement of Economic Interests (SEI) (PDF)  This form is fillable in Internet Explorer or Chrome. If using another browser, you will need to print and fill out by hand.

Public Search for Filed Statements

Archived Public Search for Filed Statements (2019 and earlier)

Illinois Governmental Ethics Act

*Candidates for office, please note: if you are elected or appointed, you must file an annual statement in that calendar year (whereas your candidate SEI would have been filed in the previous year). If you are elected/appointed in April, your deadline to file the annual statement that year is May 31.