Circuit Court

Cheif Judge Mark Fellheimer 309-888-5254
Judge Scott Black  309-888-5222
Judge J. Jason Chambers 309-888-5222
Judge J. Casey Costigan 309-888-5252
Judge Scott Drazewski 309-888-5282
Judge Sarah Duffy 309-888-5220
Judge Pablo Eves  309-888-4734
Judge Rebecca S. Foley 309-888-5245
Judge Thomas Funk 309-888-5215
Judge J. Brian Goldrick 309-888-5290
Judge Scott Kording  309-888-5257
Judge Paul Lawrence 309-888-5243
Judge Amy McFarland 309-888-5215
Judge William Yoder 309-888-5284

Department Phone Numbers

DEPARTMENT                      PHONE NUMBER
Circuit Clerk 309-888-5301
Circuit Court 309-434-6650
Emergency Mgmt Agency 309-888-5020
Facilities Management 309-888-5192
Jury Commission 309-888-5241
Probation (Adult) 309-888-5360
Probation (Juvenile) 309-888-5370
Public Defender 309-888-5235
Sheriff's Office 309-888-5034
State's Attorney 309-888-5400

Courtroom Assignments

3A Judge Scott Kording Office RM 323
3B Judge J. Jason Chambers Office RM 310
3C Judge Pablo Eves Office RM 323
3D Judge Sarah Duffy Office RM 310
3E Judge Thomas Funk Office RM 322
4A Judge Amy McFarland Office RM 422
4B Judge J. Casey Costigan Office RM 411
4C Judge J. Brian Goldrick Office RM 422
4D Judge Mark Fellheimer Office RM 411
5A Judge Scott Drazewski Office RM 522
5B Judge Rebecca Foley Office RM 511
5C Judge William Yoder Office RM 522
5D Judge Paul Lawrence Office RM 511



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