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Jul 07

Voter Question: Fraudulent Ballots

Posted on July 7, 2020 at 9:32 PM by Robert Watson

Is there some way to identify the fraudulent ballots and not count them?

Yes. Without detailing too much information for security reasons, our election vendor prints our ballots, they are very specially coded; and if not proper ballots will not run through the optical scan machine and would be rejected. The election judge would go over to assist the voter and would know right away that something was wrong and would call security. If you are talking about mail in ballots, the same is true. We have a well-trained veteran team of Democratic and Republican judges who open and view each ballot then run them through a machine. The ballot has to have every special marking from our election vendor, in order for it to be processed by the Optical Scan machine. It would be rejected immediately and action would follow.