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Dec 06

Election Equipment Purchase Recommendation

Posted on December 6, 2021 at 8:43 PM by Robert Watson

Beginning in April 2021, our Election Division has been researching options to purchase new election equipment, which is over fifteen years old.

Earlier this year McLean County was awarded funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. $1.2 million of that award was approved for the purchase of new election equipment.

Hart InterCivic, Unisyn, and ES&S, presented their systems to election judges, tech assistants, and County Clerk office staff. Invitations were sent to representatives of the Republican, Democratic, and Libertarian parties as well as the League of Women Voters, the ISU Center for Civic Engagement, and Heartland Community College Student Government. All vendors are licensed for Illinois elections by the Illinois State Board of Elections.

The existing equipment, consisting of optical scan machines (for paper ballots) and touchscreen machines (for electronic ballots and disabled voters), has served voters well. However, there are pain points with the current equipment and processes that new equipment will address. In addition, new equipment will allow the office to better align with the Department of Homeland Security’s recommendations and enhance the overall voter experience. Kathy Michael, McLean County Clerk, will present a recommendation to the County Executive Committee in mid-December.

The full County Board will receive the recommendation for a vote in later December. The McLean County Clerk’s office takes the physical and digital security of elections very seriously. The search for improved voting equipment is a key to that effort to ensure security and increase voter confidence.

Read the RFP Recommendation for County Board Members

The county welcomes your questions and input as vendor evaluations continue. We welcome your engagement in this process by submitting your comments, questions, and concerns to our office!