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Dec 06

Voters Choose New Technology

Posted on December 6, 2021 at 9:06 PM by Robert Watson

More jurisdictions across America are increasing security and accessibility in elections by giving voters a choice in how they cast their ballots, with a majority of voters in several jurisdictions choosing the latest in secure voting technology over more traditional ways of casting ballots.

In Palm Beach County, Florida, Supervisor of Elections Wendy Link made the ExpressVote® voting machine available to voters during early voting. Previously the system had been used primarily by those needing American Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations. Based upon the response of voters during early voting, Link made the machines available for all voters for the November '21 General Election.

Fairfax County, Virginia election authorities encouraged voters to use the ExpressVote® system as well. They found that the ease of use and auditable paper trail helped voters feel comfortable and confident that their votes were being recorded accurately. Election jurisdictions across the country enjoyed the benefits of the ExpressVote® system including security, ease of use and cost savings.

The article November '21 elections show voters choosing new technology can be read in its entirety.

The Elections Divison will present a recommendation to contract with Election Systems & Software (ES&S) for new election equipment, which if approved, would be available beginning in the June 2022 Primary election.