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Mar 19

Voter Registration Card

Posted on March 19, 2022 at 8:44 PM by Rob Watson

DID YOU GET YOUR NEW VOTER CARD? Attention McLean County IL registered voters. Every two years each election jurisdiction is required by law to send out voter registration cards to all registered voters in their database. This is called "the Purge" used to clean up/update voter rolls. Because of the 10-year redistricting, this was required as well. Some voters will have been re-mapped in different districts Check your voter card. Here's an example. It will tell you each district you reside in and then you can follow who is running for election and who you will see on your ballot on the upcoming June 28 Primary. Your card also shows you where your Polling Place is. IF YOU DID NOT GET A NEW CARD, OR HAVE QUESTIONS, GIVE US A CALL AT 309.888.4035. The County Clerk's office does not handle City of Bloomington voters. Bloomington residents please contact the Bloomington Election Commission at

Voter registration card