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Oct 10

Election Information Session - Press Release

Posted on October 10, 2022 at 8:43 PM by Robert Watson

Assisting with Transparency of Election Information in These Challenging Times

Because election misinformation continues to be a concern in our Illinois counties, our state, and nationwide from all sides of the political spectrum, McLean County Clerk Kathy Michael will host an Election Information Display and Q & A this coming Saturday at Eastland Mall in Bloomington from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm. (Next to Kohl's)  Co-hosting this event is Tazewell County Clerk, John Ackerman. We will have election equipment on display with election staff attending as well as Democratic and Republican veteran election judges participating and available for questions.

This event is this Saturday the 15th, 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm (promptly ending at 4pm) We will film this for future reference and we have other videos on our website as well. We also have a Q and A link for voter questions that we answer 24/7.  Location:  Eastland Mall, Bloomington (our early voting location) next to Kohl's. Plenty of free parking in front of Kohl’s or the southwest entrance (former Mc Sports space). Signs will be out.

Question forms will be passed out, collected and addressed, thus avoiding duplicate or unrelated questions. Additionally, we will have tables where attendees may go with other specific questions. For example:  In one area we will have election equipment set up where election staff will interact with media/public. We will also have an area with veteran Democratic and Republican election judges to address those question specific regarding election judges, and so on. 

Understanding how swamped you/we all are, we do feel this is important for transparency for the public and for our election processes here in Illinois. There is still too much false news going about and we want to assure the voters that they can get honest answers from their election officials. 


  • We must limit our audience to 40 due to space restrictions. Register to attend.
  • We will begin promptly at 2:00 pm and end the first Q & A session promptly at 3:00 pm.
  • Questions need to be submitted with forms provided. Submit your question online.
  • For questions that could not be addressed by 3:00 pm, we will publish the questions and provide detailed answers on our website within 48 hours.
  • Following the addressing of the submitted questions, guests are invited to visit the election tables to ask more specific questions regarding election equipment and the election process.
  • We will close this event promptly at 4:00 pm.