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Apr 13

2023 Consolidated Election Re-Tabulation

Posted on April 13, 2023 at 10:10 AM by Rob Watson

On Tuesday, April 18 at 1:00 p.m. in the Community Room of the Government Center, 115 E. Washington Street, Bloomington, Illinois, McLean County Clerk’s office will perform the Illinois State Board of Elections re-tabulation for randomly selected precincts within McLean County.

The precincts selected by the Illinois State Board of Elections for re-tabulation are:

  • Office Early Vote 01
  • Empire 01
  • Old Town 01
  • Funks Grove
  • Normal 13

These precincts will be re-tabulated as directed by the Illinois State Board of Elections.  The re-tabulation does not change vote counts.

View the official 2023 Consolidated Election Re-Tab Notice

What is a retabulation?

As mandated in 10 ILCS 5/24B-15 and 5/24C-15, each Election Authority shall re-tabulate (re-tab) the election results after each election and before the official canvass of results. The Illinois State Board of Elections (ILSBE) randomly selects 5% of your precincts and Early Voting equipment to be re-tabulated.

As part of such re-tabulation, the election authority shall test the computer program in the selected precincts and on the selected early voting devices. Such test shall be conducted by processing a pre-audited group of ballots so punched so as to record a predetermined number of valid votes for each candidate and on each public question and shall include for each office one or more ballots which have votes in excess of the number allowed by law in order to test the ability of the equipment to reject such votes.

If any error is detected, the cause therefor shall be ascertained and corrected, and an errorless count shall be made prior to the official canvass and proclamation of election results.

Illinois Statutes