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Oct 14

New Voter Registration Cards Mailed

Posted on October 14, 2023 at 8:29 PM by Rob Watson

McLean County has two election authorities. The McLean County Clerk’s Office handles all elections for the county except for the City of Bloomington. Voting in the City of Bloomington is conducted by the Bloomington Election Commission.

This week the McLean County Clerk’s Office mailed all McLean County Voters (not the City of Bloomington) a voter registration card. This is mandated by state law every two years to facilitate the maintenance of voter records and to inform voters if their voting precinct changed.

Why was a voter registration card mailed?

By law the United States Postal Service cannot a forward voter registration card. This results in the voter receiving their card, or for those voter registration cards that cannot be delivered, they're returned to our office as undeliverable. Voters who receive their new voter registration card should check if their home precinct (number or location) changed. You can use our Polling Places web page to confirm your polling place.

What happens if a voter registration card is returned as undeliverable?

When our office receives an undeliverable voter registration card, we double-check records and research any information about the voter whose card was returned. This may result in the voter canceling their registration (for example, if they moved), or if information cannot be obtained, the voter is marked Inactive in our systems.

Can I vote if my registration is inactive?

Yes, with an extra step. Marking voters inactive does not remove them from the poll books; it simply changes their status. If you are marked inactive, you will need to do one of two things before you can vote.

  • If you’ve moved, you’ll need to register to vote at your new address.
  • If you haven’t moved, and wish to become active an active voter at your same address, you’ll need to present two forms of identification to be marked active. One of these forms of ID must have your current address on it, such as a utility bill or driver's license. Once you’re marked active, you may vote.

More detailed information is available on the Voter Registration and Instructions page.