What Happens at the Children’s Advocacy Center?

The Children’s Advocacy Center is a safe, child-friendly location for children to speak with trained interviewers.  

We work with a team of professionals, including law enforcement, DCFS, prosecutors, therapists, and medical providers.  During your visit, you will be able to meet some of the professionals working with you and your child and ask them further questions.

When you arrive at the CAC, one of our Advocates will show your child(ren) around the Children’s Advocacy Center. They will get to see the room where they will talk to their forensic interviewer.  This will be their chance to get familiar with the process and ask any questions they might have. 

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1. What Happens at the Children’s Advocacy Center?
2. Who will my child talk to?
3. Will I be able to watch my child’s interview?
4. What will I be doing while my child is in the interview?
5. What happens after the interview?