What if I don't receive my tax bill?
According to state statute a taxpayer is still responsible for a tax even if a bill is not received.

Statute 35 ILCS 200/20-15
… The failure or neglect of the collector to mail the bill, or the failure of the taxpayer to receive the bill, shall not affect the validity of any tax, or the liability for the payment of any tax.”

Taxes are always due the 1st week of June and the 1st week of September of each year. If you do not receive a bill by the middle of May you need to call the Treasurer’s Office (309) 888-5180 so that we can mail you a duplicate bill. When you call we will look up the mailing address of the bill to make sure that it is correct, if a change needs to be made you will need to contact the County Assessor’s Office (309) 888-5130.

If a mortgage company should request a duplicate bill we are required to charge the mortgage company $5.00 per Statute 35 ILCS 200/20-12

35 ILCS 200/20-12
The collector, upon approval by the county board, shall assess a fee of up to $5 for each duplicate tax bill provided to any mortgage lender as defined in Section 1-90 who is not the property owner of record. All amounts collected under this Section shall be deposited into the Tax Sale Automation Fund established in Section 21-245 of this Code.

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