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Conference Room 324

Subfacility of MCHD Conference Rooms

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Room 324 will seat 60 people auditorium style. Special room arrangements can also be made to combine rooms 323 and 324 by opening the room divider. Room 323 will seat 30 people conference style. Please make a separate reservation for Room 323 if you plan to use both.

A kitchenette is available for light refreshments to be consumed in the meeting room(s). Groups must furnish all necessary kitchen supplies, food, and beverages. No cooking is allowed.

Telephones are located in each meeting room. The caller must dial “8” to reach an outside line and long distance calls cannot be competed without first entering a calling card number. 

Rooms must be reserved in person in Room 304 or by phone (888-5450), at least 48 hours in advance, and the McLean County Health Department or the Regional Office of Education staff must confirm reservations.

The McLean County Health Department maintains a satellite receiving system that feeds each  meeting room. The satellite dish is available to those reserving rooms upon request.

Organizations are expected to leave the room(s) the way they found it. Hazardous materials, smoking, and alcoholic beverages are prohibited. The person signing to reserve the room(s) assumes legal responsibility for damage or for special cleaning; the minimum fee for special cleaning, if necessary, is $25.00, and for damage (accidental or intentional) the charge will be the actual costs of repair or replacement (including the time the McLean County Health Department staff has to spend assessing damage, bringing in repairers, and checking the work). Person responsible for the meeting must assure that all exterior doors to the meeting room(s) are locked following conclusion.

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